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Nyanza Project Overview, Kenya

Ombassa Area

The Omassa Area is covered by the SPL231 license, located in the southern part of Linear's Nyanza Project,

Several artisanal gold showings similar in character to those in the Awuoro area have been located, and several gold-in-soil anomalies outlined, particularly at the Ombassa occurrence, where a 0.5 x 1.0 km soil anomaly (up to 0.5 g/t Au) has been delineated next to a regional structure. To the northwest, a historic UN AEM survey detected half a dozen areas of anomalous conductivity located around a large prominent hill composed of altered, coarse, rhyolite breccia, and may represent prospective VMS targets similar to the Macalder and Bumbo prospects located south and north respectively of Stockport's properties. Preliminary soils show elevated Au-Cu-Zn values in and around the conductors.