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 La Morena, Mexico


Image 1. Sierra La Morena, looking east from Mina El Refugio # 2.

Image 2. High grade oxide Pb-Zn-Ag manto mineralization, approximately 2.5m thick, Mina El Refugio # 3, Refugio Grid.

Image 3. Checking the core at ER-10-02, Refugio Grid, with the Sierra La Morena in the background.

Image 4. High grade oxide Pb-Zn-Ag manto mineralization, northern extension of Mina Sur antiform, looking NW. Mineralization is 1.5m thick (open, base of manto not exposed).

Image 5. High grade oxide Pb-Zn-Ag mineralization along a fault surface, Mina La Morena # 1, looking NE across strike. Mineralization occurs over a width of 2-5m and has been traced for 250m along strike (open).