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Stockport Exploration is an exploration company focused on working with strategic partners to finance earn-in exploration costs associated with our properties.

Stockport owns several properties; its flagship property is in southwestern Kenya with a land package along a prolific gold-hosting greenstone belt.

Highlights of Stockport's strategic land package include:
  • Approximately 2,000 square kilometres (200,000 hectares) of prospective mineral belt under license and/or application;
  • Long history of near-surface gold extraction by local artisanal miners and numerous historic colonial-era mines that continues today;
  • High grade gold mineralization confirmed by historic drill results;
  • Demonstrated mineralization throughout Stockport's project area with the potential for multiple mineral deposits and mineral deposit types (gold, silver, copper, zinc, iron)
Stockport's ongoing exploration program has the potential to deliver multiple large-scale discoveries for Stockport's shareholders.

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Our Inspiration

How Stockport Exploration got its name

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Our Inspiration

How Stockport Exploration got its name

We set out to find the perfect name for our exploration company. Instead, we ended up being inspired by a small town in England called Stockport. Why? We were hoping you would ask!

In the 1840s when Stockport was in economic decline, the community rallied together to find a way to grow their town and work towards a successful future. Eleven million bricks and 21 months later, the world's largest railroad viaduct of its time was built. Now Stockport was connected to London by rail, and would be able to prosper on its own.

The most impressive piece to this story is the heart that went into building the viaduct. Over 600 people worked day and night during the construction. Nothing stood in their way, including an engine house along the route, which they built over it. Most towns would have settled for a basic rail connection, but not Stockport, they had the foresight to build an impressive structure that continues to serve the residents to this day, and stands as a reminder of the importance of hard work and perseverance.

So when it came time to select our company name, we couldn't help but be inspired by the community of Stockport. We've borrowed their name, hoping to do them proud, and have adopted a logo inspired by their viaduct to remind us of the dedication and ingenuity it takes to be successful.